Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kansas Museum Association Opening Reception

The museum is quiet this morning, but last evening the lights were on, and there was food and laughter in every corner. The Harvey County Historical Museum & Archives was the last stop on a progressive supper through several of Newton's museums.  This was the kick-off event for the Kansas Museum Association Annual Meeting held in Newton.  The Kansas Sports Museum & Hall of Fame served appetizers.  Then, the participants went to Kauffman Museum for the main meal which included German sausage and zweibach.  Dessert was served at HCHM. 

HCHM Board President, Nancy Krehbiel serving capirotada.
Capirotada  (Spotted Dog) and Ersatz (Quick) Dobos Torte were served. 

Nancy Krehbiel & HCHM Director Deb Hiebert
Canteen Peanut Butter Cookies and M&M's were served with coffee and ice water.

HCHM Curator, Kris Schmucker serving Canteen Cookies.

The exhibits were all open.

 Friendships were made and renewed.

The Kansas Museum Association Annual Meeting will be taking place on Thursday and Friday of this week at the Meridian Center, Newton.

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