Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Way We Worked - Museum Style

We are in the last few weeks of a long process that included a gallery renovation and installing a new exhibit. I thought it might be interesting to look back over the past year to see our progress.  Also, mark your calendar for September 8 when the new exhibit, The Way We Worked: Serving Harvey County, will open.  We also have a series of related programs and activities planned for the coming year. For a complete list of activities visit  our web page at http://hchm.org/.

 The very first thing we did was remove the last boarded up window.
(Anybody remember when all the windows on the building were boarded up?) 
Richard Hege removing the wood from the window.

It made an immediate difference in the gallery.

Then, we took apart the cases and exhibits.
Ljuba DeSmith never knows what she will be doing at the museum
 - from cleaning to taking apart cases.
One thing is certain - we could not do what we do with out volunteers.

Ready for the painters.

Gathering Objects
Firemen come to help move a gas pump into the exhibit

Service Pins from the Fire Dept. and a mystery object.

Wicker Coffin

Ljuba enlists the help of granddaughter, Abby, to clean artifacts.

Mounting the Exhibit

Richard creating a rod for the exhibit
Richard  & Bob Myers installing the rod. 

Sheriff Reserve Officer Uniform
Worn by Elmer Balzer

We can't wait to show you the finished exhibit on September 8, 2012!


  1. Looking forward to seeing it in Oct. Ilooked past the workers for a moment and remember those half globe light fixtures. it is neet that they have been saved for all these years.
    A big thank you to all your volunteers.