Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gallery Improvements

After a fairly quiet summer, activity is picking up at the museum and in the archives.  During 'the quiet months', a great deal of work was done behind the scenes and we are now seeing the results.  One huge improvement will benefit those who attend our programs and events.  

Many may remember the brown air conditioner at the north end of Harvey County Hall, where we hold most of our programs.
In case you've forgotten, a photo of the old a/c.

This a/c unit served us well for many years.  Those who have recently attended a museum program may remember that it struggled to keep up on the really hot summer days.  This fact made it difficult to plan an activity for lots of people during the summer.  Plus, the unit was really noisy and had to be turned off during the actual program.  A less than ideal situation.  

After careful consideration, looking at all the options, the maintenance committee and Board of Directors decided to go forward with a new a/c unit in Harvey County Hall.

Stith employee after removing the old unit.
Remember when then gallery was that yellow color?

The new unit was installed this past week. 

The new unit.
Already we have noticed an improvement in the airflow throughout the gallery.  Since it is much quieter, we can leave it running during programs.  The options, available while running the unit, allow us to adjust the temperature easily, allowing visitors to be more comfortable.

We are excited to have this ready for our first Sunday afternoon program on September 16, The Way We Worked: The Work Continues by HCHM photo technician Linda Koppes. The program starts at 2:00.

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