Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Every-day Dignity was Forgotten"

by Kristine Schmucker, HCHM Curator

An earlier post, included a 1953 photo from "Kid Day" at Newton High School.  Although I have yet to discover when this tradition was started, we do have fun glimpses into the activities it included over the years.

A large collection of photographs belonging to Newton native Myra Utz was recently donated.  Among the photos in an album featuring Myra's younger years was a page labeled "Kid Day '37'".

Myra Utz Photograph Album
HCHM Photo Archives

Evening Kansan Republican, 21 May 1937
According to the newspaper the day featured "knee pants, bashful barefoot boys and proud senior girls with 'little sisters' short dresses and dolls and all-day suckers." 

Jean Trouslot, with an all day sucker
 'Kid Day' 1937
Myra Utz Collection
HCHM Photo Archives

"Everyday dignity was forgotten" as the seniors came to school dressed as children and  performed for a special assembly.  Several  Seniors sang, recited poetry and played the piano.  The program was  followed by a picnic lunch at Athletic Park. The entire school was let out for the event.
The Weekly Newtonian: Senior Edition,
20 May 1937
HCHM Archives
Then the "tug of war at  the tenth street bridge between the two rival classes of N.H.S.".  

Tug of War - 1937
Sand Creek by Athletic Park
Utz Collection

The Seniors and  Juniors faced off with the chilly water of Sand Creek between them.  
Tug of War
Sand Creek at the Broadway Bridge
HCHM 89.30.6

Tug of War
Cook Collection
HCHM 2012.169.049

Tug of War
Cook Collection
HCHM 2012.169.048

No announcement of which class took a dip in the Sand Creek could be found.

End of Tug of War
Cook Collection
HCHM 2012.169.050

Our upcoming exhibit, "Games People Play" will feature group games, like tug of war. What were some of your favorite group games?  Do you have a photo or story to share?  We love to hear it and maybe include it in the exhibit.


  • The Weekly Newtonian: Senior Edition, 20 May 1937
  • Evening Kansan Republican, 21 May 1937
  • HCHM Photo Archives

Games People Play, which will open in February 2014, will  include board and card games.  There will also be arcade and computer games. Watch our blog and facebook for opportunities to share stories about other games.

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