Thursday, May 31, 2012

Harvey County Harvest

South central Kansas and Harvey County are in the midst of wheat harvest! That time of year when the fields along K-15 are golden and there is a line of trucks waiting their turn at the elevators.

Looking east on Broadway, Newton
May 2012

Agriculture, and especially the production of wheat, has been a major part of Harvey County's history since the 1870s.

It is fun to think about the ways that wheat harvest has changed over the years, yet remained much the same.
Wheat Harvest near Burrton, 1899
A.R. Challender, R.T. Challender, Mr. Billings
 Farmers are still in a race against the weather to get the wheat in,

Wheat Harvest, 2012

someone still needs to bring lunch to the field,
Lunch break, 1918
Linscheid family

and the harvested grain still needs to get to the grain elevator.
Hesston, ca. 1915

Newton, 1953

So, drive carefully around those old wheat trucks, enjoy Kansas at it's best.

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