Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sharing the Fun! A Recent Acquisition at the Museum

by Kristine Schmucker, Curator

Recently, a collection of childrens clothing was donated to the museum. Each handmade item was carefully labeled with who wore it and the year.  This adds so much to the object!  

The long christening gown was worn by Reba Essie Workman Hicks, Emporia, born June 6, 1888. I can imagine a young woman carefully creating this beautiful garment for her unborn child 125 years ago.
Lucinda, the doll, was purchased by Lola Blanch Hicks December 24, 1929. 
Christening gown and Doll
The collection of children's clothing was made by Lola Blanch Hicks Baldwin between 1939 and 1943 for her children; a daughter, Everell D. Hicks Francisco, and son, Lawrence Hicks.

Dress worn by Everell E. Baldwin, 1943

Crochet Apron, 1939-1943

Dress, slip and hood, 1939-1943

Dresses, 1939-1943
 Crocheted and knitted items used in the Hicks home 1939-1943.

Booties and Mittens, 1939-1943
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