Thursday, December 27, 2012

 A Little Holiday Fun and Best Wishes!

Posted by HCHM director Deb Hiebert

All of us at the museum hope you are enjoying visiting with friends . . .

Interior of Newton store with January 1912 calendar on the wall, Christmas bell decoration hanging
 from ceiling fan and a group of men (and one boy) gathered around the stove.

Ladies Reading Circle members

 and family . . .

while looking forward to . . .

with lots of fun parties.

Wishing you and yours . . .

of prosperity, health . . . and lots of merry-making in fun hats!
Thanks for being part of our museum community.


  1. Do you know what store that is?
    Maybe Anderson's book store?

    1. Sorry for the delay in answering! The store is Angood Confectionary and Cigars, 700 N. Main, Newton. It was owned by F.J. "Tene" Angood, who can be seen standing behind the counter holding the baked goods. The calendar on the wall is from the Kansas State Bank, and dated January, 1912, so we were able to date the photo very accurately! Deb Hiebert