Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lazy Summer Days

On a hot July day, what tastes better than watermelon!

ca. 1910 unidentified boy 
ca. 1915 unidentified people eating watermelon

Another treat that is especially good with watermelon is roll kuchen or crullers.   Martha Dirksen had several recipes for this favorite.
Martha Dirksen's Roll Kuchen

Martha Dirksen's Crullers

This one is a little different.
Martha Dirksen's Crullers in Cream or Cinnamon Flop

Arpha Wedel's Pickled Watermelons

If you need you need to prolong the watermelon season, here is Arpha Wedel's Pickled Watermelon.

What are some other favorite summer treats?

Edward Wiebe, unknown, Hilda Wiebe, Charlotte L. Regier, Alfred Wiebe
 at the John Regier Farm

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