Thursday, May 10, 2012

A beginning . . .

Even historical organizations need to take the plunge into the current century, so the Harvey County Historical Museum & Archives is joining the world of blogging.

The Harvey County Historical Museum is located in Newton, Kansas.  Our Mission Statement says, "we celebrate a common history and culturally diverse community by sharing stories of the past, experiences of the present and possibilities for the future through the creative and dynamic exploration of objects, documents and photographs." 

Whew! or in other words, we enjoy sharing the stories, objects, documents and photographs from the past with people today.

The purpose of this blog is to highlight aspects of Harvey County history through the funny and unique stories that we come across as we research, and to share bits and pieces of what happens at the museum day to day.   

Usually the author will be the curator, but occasionally other members of our small staff will write a guest blog post.

Right now we are in the thick of a gallery renovation in preparation for a new exhibit, The Way We Worked:  Serving Harvey County".  Our  exhibit will open in connection with the Smithsonian Traveling exhibit, The Way We Worked", at the Coronado-Quivera Museum in Lyons, Kansas in September.  I am finding lots of fun stories and photos to highlight the way south-central Kansans served their communities and will share them here.

I'm looking forward to sharing the stories and photos that I have found!


  1. Great to see HCHS on the web in a blog format. Looking forward to updates and posts!

    1. Thank you! Our plan for the start is to have new posts at least once a week - usually on Thursdays. As time goes on, we maybe able to increase. Thanks for your interest.